What is Subliminal Learning?

Subliminal learning occurs when subliminal messages are perceived below, or at the sub-level of perception. Believe it or not this occurs throughout each and every day, whether intended or not, and is simply one method by which we learn and naturally absorb information from the world around us. If this is true (And it really is true!) wouldn’t it be a good idea to learn just a little more about this and find a way to work it to your advantage? Well, the key is to harness this extremely powerful system for use as a mega learning or power learning tool.

You may have heard of the famous 1957 test in which Coca Cola subliminally flashed the words Drink Coca Cola and Eat Popcorn. for 1/3000th of a second every 5 seconds during a Kim Novak movie. Results: Coke sales increased 58% and popcorn sales rose 18%. Once this was exposed there were public outcries. People were justifiably worried that this system might be abused and so they feared it. But the stark truth is that we are deluged constantly with subliminal messages, some good, some not so good, but you can control much of what’s getting in by using subliminal messages to your advantage.

How it Works

Subliminal learning through subliminal messages may works equally well with subliminal audio messages as with visual subliminal messages. For example, inaudible messages are easily and clearly audible to the inner mind, that is, they get into and are perceived and acted upon by the mind. What all of this means is that YOU get to decide and YOU get to use valuable techniques to let in some powerful learning and life enhances messages, messages that YOU probably need to get in.
Subliminal learning works quite similar to auto-suggestion or hypnosis where it seems the unconscious brain is highly prone to accept nearly any suggestion at all. Armed with this knowledge we now have the power, perhaps the responsibility, to guide and control what enters our unconscious minds. Subliminal learning and the use of subliminal messages provide us with the ultimate in mega learning, power learning and peak human performance.

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Putting Subliminal Learning to Work

Nowadays there are a number of ways to easily use these methods to improve your life not only for super learning, but in a variety of ways such as through ready-made Subliminal MP3s that are designed to zoom in on exactly what you want and, deliver it, instantly!!
Products are available that let you view visual messages in a variety categories of your choice as you work on your computer or surf the web, while others let you
customize subliminal messages for a more personal subliminal learning experience.

According to HypnoticMP3, [s]ubliminal messages gain their potential influence/power from the fact that they may be able to circumvent the critical functions of the conscious mind, and it has often been argued that subliminal suggestions are therefore potentially more powerful than ordinary suggestions..

It is generally believed the effectiveness of subliminal learning is enhanced when repeated use over several weeks and moths. With this in mind your full potential is best achieved overtime and, realistically, not overnight. But this is true of other power learning methods, including hypnosis and hypnotic learning. In fact, this is true of all worthwhile efforts, isn’t it?

Taking Control

Since we are all bombarded by subliminal messages everyday, it seems that we should at least make certain that we control some of what’s getting in. Better still why not become highly selective and try to develop a mega learning program that can be accomplished by simply relaxing, listening to music and relaxing sounds of nature or binaural beats.

Effortless Learning

Effortless Learning. This seems to be the kind of thing we see in science fiction novels and movies, right? Wrong.
Remember, you already are being influenced by messages and, learning, from them. My point is that you have a choice. And that choice allows you to select some very powerful learning methods that can change your career and your life in a very positive and significant way.

I'm not suggesting that you give up conscious control of your life, but rather that you take notice of the inner mind to and use it to its full potential. Your conscious mind and inner mind (subconscious mind) work together as one, and you need to be aware of both in order to achieve maximum results in your life.

You can begin by 'viewing' downloadable subliminal visual mssages on your computer screen as you work or just surf the web. I’m doing this now as I writing this article. The key is to keep it simple. You’ll want to start with downloadable software, subliminal MP3's, audios, etc. As you progress you’ll start to see progress (all planned by you). You may even wish to consider designing your own customizable subliminal learning program.

Get the message? - Subliminal Learning! 

About the Author

Peter J. Loughlin, J.D., LL.M. achieved his dream of becoming an attorney using only distance learning and online resources. Now he helps others achieve their online college degree dreams at http://www.MaxStudy.com and how to become a lawyer at http://www.LawSchoolBible.com Your dreams are closer than you think with sibliminal learning.