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So, you've earned your bachelor degree, and made your way into the world, great! And, you managed to secure a good job in the field you always dreamed of (or maybe not), got married and started raising a family—living the proverbial American dream, right? Well perhaps not. Truth is, statistically you are square behind the eight ball and hitting either the brick wall or glass ceiling right about now, am I right?

Despite all your hard work and loyalty, the promotions and entry level executive positions are going to your colleagues holding a masters degree. This is the harsh but stark reality you must either face and deal with or sheepishly accept. Have you considered an online master degree?

OK, I know you don't want to shy away from a challenge, but there is a problem that you didn't have when all of this started. You now likely have a spouse and children, and a lot of responsibility. How can you be expected to just drop everything and go back to square one to attend a graduate program? Well, I have good news for you, you don't have to do that at all. While you were busy worrying and building a career and profits for your company, the academic community was experiencing a revolution—you can now earn an online masters degree without ever leaving your home or office. An online masters degree, you heard me right! And one that is both respectable and prestigious.

The old model of university study meant you had to earn your education while you were young and unencumbered by responsibility. Under the old model if you were ambitious and really wanted you excel in life you lingered on in college a few more years to secure your place in life, right? WRONG! I don't believe that model was ever right or effective. Thousand of people in your situation have conquered this problem by earning an online masters degree. If you think about it, most young people, though free of responsibilities, squandered their time in college anyway. True some of them may have earned a masters degree, but are they really better then you? No, you have experience AND maturity and that counts for a lot. But, they possess the one thing that's holding you back, a graduate degree. I know it al sounds silly, but generally this is the reality we all must face. An online masters degree or online MBA can be the solution to your career roadblock.

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It is completely possible for you to earn an online masters degree while you're at home or even in the office (when you have some down time, of course). Believe it or not, many employers, perhaps yours, will pay for your online masters degree. Even if they don't, the cost of your advance online masters degree can be surprisingly affordable and tax deductible.

All you need is a PC and an Internet connection to see if an online graduate degree is right for you. The best part of all this is that you get to set your own schedule and pace, You can start off as slowly or as fast paced as you can handle—but start now—you'll never know if you can do it until you start. But do give an online masters degree a shot, you at least deserve trying it out, yes? Think about this, I'm not asking you to quit your job, move to a dorm or anything like that, I'm merely suggesting that you incorporate an online masters degree into your downtime schedule—surely that's worth considering.

Of course this is not all about money, or is it? But think about this, holders of masters degrees earn on average about ten grand more per year than their colleagues with only bachelors degrees, that's a fact—check the US Census if you don't believe me.

Once you make the decision to move ahead with an online masters degree I think you'll learn one thing—those younger chaps who passed you by are no smarter than you or more deserving of success than you are. They merely hold a key that will soon unlock doors for you too. And now you too know what that key is: an online masters degree.

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Peter J. Loughlin, J.D., LL.M. achieved his dream of becoming an attorney using only distance learning and online resources. Now he helps others achieve their online college degree dreams at and how to become a lawyer at Decide today to earn an online masters degree.