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I remember the days when earning on online bachelor degree was unimaginable. In fact, long before the Internet there were correspondence or distance learning bachelor degree programs, but most of these were considered by traditionalists as being substandard to on-campus programs. Fortunately time has proven these naysayers all wrong—the online bachelor degree proudly stands on equal ground with traditional bachelor degrees conferred by prestigious colleges and universities. The days of having to apologize for having earned an online bachelor degree (or any distance-learning college degree) has long passed. Nowadays distance learning is a billion dollar industry. Even the “traditional” universities are scrambling about to catch up to secure their piece of the proverbial pie. Any aspersions cast toward distance learning as being an inferior mode of education are made only by the ignorant or those so petrified of change they're truly deserving of our sympathy—but not worth our defensive response.

Earning an Online Bachelor Degree

Opportunities to earn an online bachelor degree are not limited by the college's proximity to your town, city, region, state or country. Accredited and reputable online colleges and universities across the world now offer college degree at home programs. And, you can now earn a distance-learning degree in virtually any academic discipline imaginable. For example, you'll effortlessly find degree programs in business, nursing, finance, criminal justice, computes and IT, health, law, and many, many more. And, if and when you're ready to earn an advance degree, again, you'll have no problem finding a huge selection of degrees programs in:



But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves, here were talking about earning your online bachelor degree first, yes? So let me give you a little advice about how to select distance learning degree that's right for you. The first thing you need to do is decide what it is you are interested in learning. The great thing here is that because online bachelor degree programs take place in a “virtual classroom” you are not competing with other students for a chair in the classroom. In this respect you can start out slowly by taking any course you fancy without the worry of being blocked out or, worse yet, being unable to change disciplines or your major—or if you decide to change your initial strategy altogether.

So you see, deciding what to learn is not something you need to be overly concerned about, you will have a lot of options. But having more options can sometimes be a problem too, right? Well, here's where YOU come in. Only you know what you like, what you what to do and what you want to become. Take the time to do some introspection and try to decide which online bachelor degree you would enjoy most and then go for it. Knowing that you can easily change this strategy is a sort of built in safety net. So while I do encourage you to take the time to think and plan, don't obsess about it—get started!

Selecting an Online Bachelor Degree Program
While you will not have worry about traveling to campus, paying for room and board and that sort of thing, you should still take some care to select a
Distance Learning College Degree that will be right for you and will fulfill your academic and career goals without going out of your budget. Many of the online bachelor degree colleges listed on this site will provide you with free information after you complete a brief information request form. My advice is to take full advantage of this free information offer and use it as a means of compiling and comparing the features of the colleges you are most interested in enrolling. I'd even take this one step further and make a few phone calls to the online bachelor degree programs you have on your short list and ask any questions you may have that were not fully answered by any written material you obtained.

Is an online bachelor degree right for you?

One last thing, (and perhaps the most important), distance learning is not for everyone. This is a fact and only YOU can decide if you are the type of person who has enough self discipline to study even when you don't have big brother (that is, big professor) hovering over you with hickory stick in hand. To some extent you need to accept personal responsibility for your success because your professors are not going to be there to push you when you need it—you will have to push yourself, period. That being said, I encourage you to step up to the plate if you're up for it. Your acceptance and embracing of self reliance will pay dividends in your life as well as your online bachelor degree.

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Peter J. Loughlin, J.D., LL.M. achieved his dream of becoming an attorney using only distance learning and online resources. Now he helps others achieve their online college degree dreams at and how to become a lawyer at're dreams are closer than you think to an online bachelor degree.


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