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Firstly when we say “foreign medical schools”, for purposes of this website, we generally mean 'foreign' medical schools from a U.S. perspective, and to some extent, a Canadian perspective as well. Now then, the problem is that it is extremely difficult to get admitted to a U.S medical school—and that is why Caribbean medical schools and many other foreign medical schools are growing in popularity (and quality too). Part of the problem stems from a limited number of American medical schools, each with a limited number of seats. The other part of the problem is that you have to have a high Grade Point Average (GPA) and you must score extremely high on the MCATs—and medical school is incredibly expensive too!


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Consider that many bright young men and women fail to apply themselves properly when they are in college. Result: Low GPA (that cannot be changed). Still others just don’t perform well on standardized exams such as the MCAT. Result: No America medical school will consider you.

The Foreign Medical Schools Solution

OK, enough for the mini-lecture, lets talk about solutions to your problem. Many foreign medical schools have developed programs exclusively to accommodate the throngs of hopeful doctors that have been rejected by traditional American medical education. Many of these foreign medical schools are in the Caribbean and in East European countries. For example, there are medical schools in Poland and medical schools in the Czech Republic. (But there are also great medical schools around the world—see below). The medical programs are often conducted completely in English and use the same textbooks that are used in traditional American medical schools. What’s more, these schools frequently hire professors from the same American medical schools.

A number of these foreign medical schools even offer programs that start students off straight out of high school.

Are The Foreign Medical Schools Only In The Caribbean and East Europe?

No, but many of the schools that cater to the American and Canadian markets are in these areas. There are, of course, wonderful English language medical schools in England and Ireland too.

This site lists many, but not all of the foreign medical school schools sites throughout the world. Some of these have programs in English, some do not. But these schools generally are open to admitting “foreign” students to their programs.

Are Federal Student Loans Available?

If you are U.S. citizen or permanent resident you can get federally guaranteed student loans for many, if not most of these schools. Canada has similar student loan provisions. The tuition cost is not cheap, but it’s generally a lot cheaper than traditional medical school here in the U.S. If you wish to check out some sources of financial aid, grants and scholarships, look at The Scholarship & Grant Guide

Are Their Any Tests Or Procedures I Must Follow If I Wish To Practice In The U.S.?

Once you’ve completed your medical education and training, you will have to pass the Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG)clinical skills test before commencing a residence. Additionally, you must pass the US Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE). Be sure to check with the jurisdiction in which you wish to practice and with any schools and you one of the best resources of information about foreign medical schools. A few additional schools have come on the scene since the last edition, (but you can find those schools on this site). Still, this book is a MUST READ.

Is Foreign Medical School Study Difficult?

You bet. Don’t even think that you’re getting a free ride…you’re not! What you are getting is a chance to prove you have what it takes. If you can’t put it all on the line to reach your dream that stop right now. However, if you take this wonderful opportunity and persevere, you will one day hang out your shingle with those cherished letters after you name, “MD.”

Also of interest is an intriguing article by Ward Dean, M.D. entitled, Solving the Medical Care Crisis in the United States with a Free Market Approach

Is Your Heart Still Set On Going To An American Medical School?

OK, don't despair. If you think you meet or are close to meeting the stringent requirements of American medical schools, then my advice is to go for it, then, if things don't work out the way you planned you still may have an option of going the foreign medical schools route.

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Foreign Medical Schools