Are you serious about LSAT Prep? If not your chances of getting into an ABA approved law school are nearly zilch! An intensive LSAT Prep course is highly recommended no mater how smart you are and no matter how high you’re GPA.

The LSAT is an extremely difficult exam. While the exam has long been criticized as being an artificial barrier, the fact remains that without LSAT Prep you have little hope and a high score and getting into an ABA-approved law school.

Many LSAT prep programs provide you with invaluable test taking techniques and some will give you hundreds or even thousands of sample questions from past exams—this is a critical and necessary component of any effective program. This is the type of examination where practice pays greater dividends then study. In reality, aside from taking a course in logic, there is not much to do in the way of study. It is repetitive practice questions that will make the difference in the end.

What should you look for in a LSAT Prep course?
The first thing to look for is for a program that is flexible and fits in with your busy schedule. Nowadays you’ll find programs that allow you to study and
prepare completely online. Other courses offer classroom instruction on evenings and/or weekends. You will have no trouble finding a program that fits your schedule. Bu, you know what works best for you. Some students do well with online study programs while others need to be in the classroom. Now is not the time to make major changes—you and you alone you knows what works best for you. Now is the time to concentrate on figuring out how to become a lawyer—and that means you have to get into law school first. Scoring high on the LSAT is where you need to stay focused.



But that is only one part of the puzzle. You see, now matter what the reputation or success rate of the LSAT prep program you select, the most important part of assuring success is YOU. As with anything else in life, your rewards are tied to your efforts. So while it is true that you need a program with a good reputation, one that fits your busy schedule and, most important of all, one that provides hundreds or thousands of sample questions—you’ll get very little out of it unless you work your LSAT prep hard—that’s the only real way to boost your score.

Don’t overlook test taking techniques as a means of improving your scores. Some students feel like it’s a waste of time to practice techniques such as calculating guesses, timing and when to skip over question. To the contrary, gamesmanship is an important part of winning. Any good LSAT prep will include these tips as a cornerstone of their program—take every advantage you can get, every point is important.

LSAT Prep Tips:

 You need to prepare for this examination there is just no other way of optimizing your results. The key is not so much study as it is PRACTICE. You need to take as many practice exams as possible, period. There are a number of sources offering access to LSAT Questions.

 Your score is based on the number of correct responses — translation: answer every question even if it’s just a wild guess. There is no penalty for wrong answers.

 The test questions are based on the “LSAT world” and not your personal knowledge. That is, use the facts given to you in the question and don’t fight it no matter how illogical the question and answer choices may seem may seem.

 Practice using real examination standards, shut off the phone (and cell phones), set the clock and go.

 Take a good LSAT Prep course, its money well spent.

 The logical reasoning part causes a great deal of problems for many applicants. Ironically the LSAT ‘logic’ often seems counterintuitive. The only way to master this section is to practice—and perhaps take a course or read a book on logic. (In my opinion practice will yield the greatest results).

 Don’t try to do all the analytic problems by sheer mental prowess. There is nothing wrong with making notes and diagrams to work out the problem.

 Never try to write your LSAT essay without an outline. You need to work out your argument by outlining your answer first. Outlining will generally save time, and avoid painting yourself into a corner

What happens if you just can’t get your LSAT scores high enough?
Don’t despair. Some of the brightest people around don't do well on this type of exam. You may want to look at alternatives that can get you into law school by using a non-traditional strategy. Consider foreign law schools or non-ABA law schools whose graduates are permitted to sit for a bar exam and become a licensed member of the bar.

Bottom Line on LSAT Prep:
Try LSAT Prep…but if you still cannot boost your scores don’t give up on your dream—find an alternative—
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