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How to Become a Lawyer with Non-ABA Law Schools and Online Law Schools

Did you know that there are a number of ways you can earn a law degree and become a lawyer without going to an American bar Association (ABA) approved law school? Some of the strategies you may wish to consider range from online law degree schools, California law schools, attending a foreign law school (works something like foreign medical schools), to earning a distance learning law degree-or even becoming a lawyers' apprentice. All of which can result in your becoming a licensed attorney in the United States. (And elsewhere too)

But, you need to know exactly what you want to accomplish before you enroll in any law school program.


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Is a Distance Learning Law Degree Right For You?
N ot everyone can afford to go to ABA approved law schools, and many qualified candidates don’t live in areas where ABA law schools or located, or they just cannot relocate because they have family and career obligations. Still others don’t have the requisite Grade Point Average or cannot overcome the LSAT or make it past law school admissions committees. If you’re in one of these situations you may want to consider an alternative approach to becoming a lawyer, consider earning an online law degree or other alternative legal education. This page will give you a ton of information about this topic. The information and content on this page is provided by The Law School Bible: How to become a lawyer without setting foot in a law school…unless you really want to by Peter J. Loughlin, JD, LLM Learn more about how to become a lawyer… with online law schools and other non-traditional strategies.


Get Help with Your Law School Admissions Application, Essay and Interview
Are you trying to get into law school the traditional way? Good for you. But, you may need help with your admissions applications and essay. There are a number of companies that offer free help with your law school admission essay that will not only help you submit the best application possible-- with a winning essay, but they will also coach you for the "make-or-break" interview. Unless you are already an outstanding candidate (and even if you are), I highly recommend you consider looking into this as a solution to increase your chances of getting accepted to a traditional ABA law school). If you’re a borderline candidate, well, then I think you know an online law degree is probably your only hope to prove yourself.

Law School Admissions HelpConsider Earning a Law Degree by distance learning to Become a Lawyer
If you’ve tried the traditional path way to law school but just can’t seem to get past all the barriers following is a list of non-ABA law schools and programs whose graduates may be permitted to take the Bar Exam. Please note that We make no representation about the schools and programs listed here. You are advised to research the material and check with the licensing authorities for your jurisdiction to determine if a school or program meets your particular needs.



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