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CLEP & Credit by Examination Programs

Did you know that there are so many ways that you can earn fully accredited college credits and college degrees without ever leaving your home or office? Well in today’s fast-paced world you can—in fact you’ve been able to do so for over 30 years now.

One of the more popular ways to get started is with the College Level Examination Program (CLEP & credit by examination). Thousand of students have found that they can take CLEP examinations in nearly every college subject and earn 3 to12 credits per examination. What's more important is that these credits are accepted by over 2,900 accredited colleges and universities, it’s a great way to get a college education fast, particularly if you have some background in a particular subject or subjects.

What if you don't have any life experience or know nothing about the area of study you wish to be tested for? That's simple, you can get some college textbooks and hit the books and take the examination when you're ready. The main problem with this strategy is that you don't know if the textbook you’re using will cover all the parts of that subject that CLEP will be testing for--particularly if you don't have a current textbook.

Another problem is that you might over study. This sounds crazy, I know, but some textbooks go overboard, and some cover areas that are not generally required for the subject in most colleges. What ends up happening is that you may spend a lot of time preparing for the exam, but still fail because you weren’t strong enough in the testable areas.


One thing you can to streamline you study and test preparation is to "MaxStudy", that is to concentrate your studies on the areas that are tested--and not waste your time with those areas that are rarely if ever tested. I once had someone criticize me for recommending this approach because student would not be well founded and have a scholarly understanding of the subject. My answer is that it’s hard enough to cover the testable areas and, if someone wants to be a scholar in a subject, nobody's stopping them. I f you love a subject, by all means go out end read everything about it—but if you want to pass a CLEP test, conserve your time and energy and stick with the areas being tested, period.

OK, how do you know the testable areas being examined? One way of course is that you can, and should closely review the material that CLEP will send you when you schedule your examination. The other way is to buy some commercially available exam prep material to help you out. These materials are a godsend to anyone who needs to get started and can't afford to waste time that covers almost all of you, right? One organization that puts out some great prep material is Fast College Degrees.

You know I personally took over a dozen CLEP and similar examinations about 20 years ago and there was no such help available. I was fortunate to learn some great study skills, but I must confess that I did waste valuable time studying areas that CLEP didn't test. I would have paid almost anything to have test prep material like this. Instant Cert University. I like their program because it uses a question-based learning process, something I've promoted for years—because it works. I also like and endorse this program because you get to try it for 30 days risk free.

Where are CLEP exams given?
You can take CLEP Exams in nearly every country in the world and at multiple locations in most US cities. To find a test center near you Click Here
How often can I take CLEP exams?
Once a month at most locations and twice a month at others. Also, you can often take more than one subject examination per test session.
Just exactly how much credit can I earn?
Some colleges will accept CLEP and grant full credit, for example, Excelsior College (no attendance required). However, not all colleges will award the same amount of credit. Some colleges will only give you advanced standing or grant you an exemption from certain course. It is therefore important that you check around, especially if you are trying to maximize your credits. You’ll want to check with the school registrar or advanced placement department--most school have a written policy--don't be afraid to request a copy so you can compare colleges to find the best school for your needs. But remember, there are many colleges that have liberal credit by examination policies.

To learn more about the College Level Education Program Click Here.


Other Credit By Examination Programs

As popular and widely accepted as CLEP examination have become over the past 30 years, they are not the only ones. There are others that examine the same subjects as CLEP and even have subjects that are not available through CLEP testing. Let's take a look at a few:

DANTES - exams are similar to the CLEP exams. They were developed for military personnel but are now open to the general public. Exams are offered in a variety of areas including various aspects of business, subjects within social sciences, physical science, and humanities as well as foreign languages.

To get more Information about DANTES Click Here

Excelsior College® Examinations (ECE) (formerly Regents College Examinations)
ECEs offer busy adults the opportunity to e to earn college credit by examination in 40 different subject areas. What’s more, you can take these examinations most anywhere. And, these credits are readily accepted at nearly 900 colleges.
Exam Preparation Materials
For the examinations in subjects that are the same or very similar to CLEP exams you can use is:

 Instant Cert University

Instant cert is the organization the specialized in this type of exam preparation and they even let you try it out risk free for 30 days. As I said earlier, I wish they had been around when was earning credit by examination. I really think it is a godsend and Instant Cert uses Question based learning, a system proven to be the most effective.

That being said, the folks at Excelsior have some good free material available too. You'll want to get your hands an anything that helps. A final word of caution. make sure you know what is being tested so you can MaxStudy and not waste valuable time.

To get further information about Excelsior College Exams: Click Here


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