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Concord University School of Law 
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Concord University School of Law   

Concord Law School is the first institution to offer a Juris Doctor (JD) online law school degee earned wholly online via state-of-the-art technology. With the latest Internet-adaptive technologies, the Concord program offers excellent course instruction combined with maximum flexibility, specifically designed to fit into today's busy lifestyles. Most people cannot afford the time and resources required to make higher education their only priority. Concord understands this and provides the perfect platform to make higher education an accessible part of everyone's life.
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 British-American University

A pioneer in distance-learning education since 1997, British-American University offers flexible distance learning programs in Law, Taxation Business and more -- designed to help you succeed. Apply today, and be on your way to a fulfilling and exciting career of your choice!

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Abraham Lincoln University


Abraham Lincoln University

The Juris Doctor program provides distance technology instruction requiring no seminar or classroom attendance. Through the use of traditional educational material. It is the objective of Abraham Lincoln University to maintain standards comparable to those of resident institutions.

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The Law School Bible anyone can become a lawyer

There a so many schools and approaches to choose from, some are good...some may not be so good—so you need to do your homework. A great book by Peter J. Loughlin, JD, The Law School Bible, covers how to become a lawyer in detail and is recommended reading if you want to consider an alternative approach to becoming a lawyer.

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 Esquire College of Law

 Esquire College of Law

Esquire  College is a university which offers a Juris Doctorate (J.D.) degree earned completely online, through the newest technology which enables students to be on the forefront of legal education in the 21st century.

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 National Law School

 National Law School

National's program satisfies the legal education requirement necessary to take the First-Year Law Student's Examination and the California Bar Examination.

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Newport University
School of Law


Newport University School of Law 

Newport University was developed as an alternative to the traditional institutions of higher education for those persons who have been unable to experience college-level learning for various reasons. From its founding in 1976, the University has been committed to a credo that each individual is a unique and diverse person, and that society will benefit to the extent that each individual is able to add to the societal pool of talent and competence if given the opportunity to develop personal skills and knowledge. 

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Northwestern California University School of Law

Northwestern California University School of Law 

We are proud of the uniqueness of our school in that it offers a tailored course of study utilizing Internet and cassette recorded teaching to provide a thorough legal education for applicants seeking California State Bar Eligibility. It is equally suitable for students with other career goals in mind.

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Oak Brook College of Law 


Oak Brook College of Law 

Oak Brook College has adopted an approach to legal education that is different both in form and in substance from traditional law schools. This new approach is not motivated by a desire to create something new simply for the sake of change; it is in response to current concerns about the integrity of the legal profession and to the opportunities provided by the new technology that is revolutionizing educational methodology.

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 St. Francis eUniversity

 St. Francis eUniversity

St. Francis eUniversity is currently registered by the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California and have met the registration requirements specified in Rule XIX of the Rules Regulating Admission to Practice Law in California (Admission Rules).

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Southern California University College of Law 



Southern California University for Professional Studies College of Law 

Earn your degree from the comfort of your own home. Our faculty mentors work with you One-on-One.   Our programs are designed for you to complete one course within an 8-week term. Electronic Network. From your computer, access library resources, dissertation abstracts, search case law, and more. Work on your degree around your schedule. We are priced at a fraction of the cost of private traditional universities. Admission is continuous throughout the year. You can enroll and begin your degree program that fits your needs and schedule - and will take your career to the next level!

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West Coast School of Law 


West Coast School of Law

The objective is to offer a correspondence school only to those who possess the ability to study on their own independently and who appear to have the ability to succeed. There will be a two-year course of college study required or a pass on the CLEP test, which must be completed and documented before law study can begin.  

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 University of Honolulu

 University of Honolulu

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West Haven University

West Haven University Law Studies Program 

West Haven University proudly offers the Juris Doctor Degree Program. Students completing this program are eligible to sit for the California State Bar Exam for license as an attorney.

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William Howard Taft




William Howard Taft University

The University’s first degree program was the Juris Doctor Program, which was first offered through our School of Law in 1984. Since July 1987 more of our graduates have passed the California Bar Examination on the first attempt than any other distance education law school. The School of Law also offers a Master of Laws in Taxation Program to attorneys who wish to develop advanced knowledge in the field of taxation. The School of Law has been named in the honor of Bernard E. Witkin (1904-95), a legendary legal scholar and a believer in life-long learning. 

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