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Thinking about law school? Consider California law schools. California offers a complete menu of law schools ranging from ABA approved schools, state approved schools, unaccredited law schools, correspondence and online law schools. But the really unique thing about the California law schools is that their graduates, even those graduating form non ABA approved programs, generally speaking, are permitted to take the bar exam and become practicing lawyers.

Must you take the LSAT before attending a California Law school?
That depends upon the particular school. As a general rule if wish to be considered for one of California ’s ABA approved law schools the answer is yes. As for the other schools the
LSAT is not always required and, in quite a number of cases, it is just not a requirement at all. The LSAT has been criticized for many years. Some say one’s score bears little or no relationship to how well one will perform in law school or as a lawyer. Others argue its benefits and feel it’s a good indicator of one’s performance. What’s great about California’s law schools is that you have more choices, irrespective of what you think about the Law School Admissions Test.

If you graduate from a California law school that is not accredited or ABA approved will your legal career prospects be more limited?
Perhaps, but as with anything in life the primary factor is YOU. You need to know that some lesser known law schools have higher bar pas rates than some of the more prestigious law schools—and some individual law students have achieved high success and have been appointed as judges despite the fact that they may not have graduated from a traditional or prestigious law school. Similarly, some graduates of prestigious schools never quite make it in their careers. I believe that the individual makes and finds his own way in life and that his or her legal education is but one of many tools to get there.

But there is one thing that remains true, all ABA approved law schools (including ABA approved California law schools) maintain a high standard of academic excellence. Attending any ABA approved law school assures you a top quality legal education. But its not the only option.

Not meaning to disparage the many top level California law schools, to the contrary, California boasts some of the best law schools in the nation. Getting the best legal education you can will pay dividends that will serve you well throughout your career as a lawyer—but at the end of the day you need to understand that education takes place between two ears…and not between four walls. Many excellent attorneys and jurists have graduated from law schools that are not ABA approved.




Tips for choosing the right California Law School

 Look over the California Bar’s website for a complete list of law schools. One of the best online law schools to consider is Concord Law School.

 Contact the schools that appeal to you and request an admissions package or bulletin. You may wish to consider finding free law school essay help or a paid program to help improve your chances of being admitted.

 See if you meet the schools admissions requirements. For example, check to see if your GRA and LSAT scores give you a realistic chance of being accepted. And don’t give up too soon, GPA’s and LSAT scores are just two factors traditional California law school admissions committees use to accept students. Some schools require no LSAT or admission essays.

 Finally, consider a state approved school, online law school or correspondence school if you are not eligible or just cannot afford a more traditional school. The Law School Bible will provide you with a list of accredited and non accredited law schools worldwide and offers a variety of strategies about how to become a lawyer.

If you enroll in an online law school most will require that you have earned an associates degree or its equivalent. You can demonstrate your equivalence by earning 60 credits through the College Level Examination Program (better known as CLEP). Currently California’s correspondence or online law schools must be ‘registered’ with the state bar association in order for their graduates to be eligible to take the general bar examination. And, students must also take a “Baby Bar” examination after completing their first of four years of law school.

Don’t be lulled into thinking that correspondence and online law schools are an easy road to becoming a lawyer. The pass rate for the Baby Bar hovers somewhere around 20% or less and the California Bar Exam is well known as being the most difficult in the nation. But, for those who have few other options and are willing to persevere, California law schools are an absolute Godsend. One online law school, Concord Law School stands out as a beacon of excellence.

You have choice with California law schools!  

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