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Online Bachelor Degree
I remember the days when earning on online bachelor degree was unimaginable. Read More

Online Masters Degree
Despite all your hard work and loyalty, the promotions and entry level executive positions are going to your colleagues holding a masters degree. This is the harsh but stark reality you must either face and deal with or sheepishly accept. Have you considered an online master degree? Read More 

Distance Learning MBA Programs 
Need an high quality, prestigious MBA degree? Consider a the many distance learning MBA programs. Let's say you've earned your business bachelor degree, and you've got a great job or at least some prospects. And, let's you got married and started raising a family—thing are looking pretty good, right? Well perhaps not. The fact is, statistically you are headed for disappointment and hitting the glass ceiling if you don't have an MBA degree, am I right?  Read More


Are you serious about LSAT Prep? If not your chances of getting into an ABA approved law school are nearly zilch! An intensive LSAT Prep course is highly recommended no mater how smart you are and no matter how high you’re GPA. Read More

California Law Schools
Thinking about law school? Consider California law schools. California offers a complete menu of law schools ranging from ABA approved schools, state approved schools, unaccredited law schools, correspondence and online law schools. Read More

High School Online
What's been happening in American education lately? High School Online programs, that’s what. And you need to take a serious look if not having your diploma has been holding you back. Read More

Fake College Degree
It never ceases to amaze me the number of scams and the number of victims that line up for a fake collegedegree online. Read More

College Degree at Home …why go to college?
Finding the right college degree at home program can be one of the most confusing and important decisions you’ll ever make. There are accredited online colleges, unaccredited schools and universities, privately accredited institutions, foreign accreditation and so on.
Read More

Distance Learning College Degree
When I was growing up there were so few options when it came to earning a college degree. Today the distance learning college degree has leveled the playing field. Have you always wanted to earn your degree but for one reason or another where just unable to do so? Read More

How to Study - Power Learning : getting by with online college degree studies
Ever wonder why some online college degree students know how to study seem to quickly learn, recall and excel in school while others (perhaps your child or you) never seem to quite get it. You’re probably just as smart in all other respects, right? Well what’s the problem? (And what is power learning?) Read More

Online Paralegal Degree
Did you know that you can earn your paralegal degree right online without ever leaving your home or office? The online paralegal degree is really nothing new at all, in fact, people have trained to become paralegals by correspondence for decades. Read More

What is Subliminal Learning?
Subliminal learning occurs when subliminal messages are perceived below, or at the sub-level of perception. Believe it or not this occurs throughout each and every day, whether intended or not, and is simply one method by which we learn and naturally absorb information from the world around us. Read More

You Can Accomplish Your Dream of Becoming a Lawyer
In a day and age when opportunity abounds, I'm surprised to find many people who give up on their dreams. Some want to learn how to become a lawyer but give in all too easily. Read More

Law School Accreditation
According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of accreditation is "to recognize (an educational institution) as maintaining standards that qualify the graduates for admission to higher or more specialized institutions or for professional practice." Law schools generally fall into three categories of accreditation, American Bar Association (ABA) accredited, state accredited or unaccredited. Read More

Online Colleges
You can get an online degree from top, accredited online colleges and online schools that may not be available in your local area. Read More